Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swimmin' Tool!!!!!!

At least that's what it's called according to Maizie. April 1 marked the first day that our neighborhood pool was open. Maizie and Mia and Jason braved the chilly water for some fun in the sun. All you Austinites are welcome to come join us whenever you want!

Somebody loves his daughter. And vice versa.

Trying not to act too cold so she can stay in longer.

Budding romance. Ally is always the first to make Anderson feel welcome.

Toy time!
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Amanda said...

I find it funny that all the girls are in bathing suits and Anderson is in footed pajamas.

Chez said...

I can't believe it's pool time already! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, budding romance? Do we need to come over and have a talk with Ally? Because I believe Anderson is already spoken for. One look at him in his clip-on tie and Gabriella was a goner! She really just loves him for his hair.


myra said...

So fun! Sign us up!

Mark said...

Hey, it snowed here April 5. I don't think our pools are open yet.

Bri and Nol said...

We've already been to the pool also. I couldn't brave the freezing water. We will definitely have to come visit your pool though. It looks awesome.