Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Here is drop in the bucket that is all of our Easter-type pictures. I plan on doing a slideshow of all of them, but I can't promise when that will actually happen. I know our parents don't want to wait on that to see their two little Easter bunnies. So here they are.

This shot reminded me and Jason of 80's sitcoms, when the characters would say Whoa! and lean back like this.
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Mark said...

You're right about the parents not wanting to wait! Thanks for having mercy on us. I love them all. Their outfits are so cute. The family picture is beautiful, except that Anderson has a sly little "I'm up to something" look on his face. The one with them leaning back is priceless. I could gush on and's what grandparents do. Happy Easter to all of you!

NANA said...

Ooooo! AHHHH! Aren't they the cutest?

Bri and Nol said...

I love Maizie's dress. They both look so adorable.

myra said...

Adorable! I love Maizie's dress, too!