Monday, April 20, 2009

Two and a Half!

Today is Maizie's two-and-a-half birthday. Halfway to 5--how unbelievable is that? We went camping with friends this past weekend and I will post pics from that soon, but until then here's a little something for those of you who are working on getting certified in MSL (Maiziese as a Second Language).

Slirt - Skirt

Jesus Shirt - Dress

Lola Milk - Strawberry Milk

Charlie Milk - Chocolate Milk

Waters - No. 1 (e.g., "I need to make waters in the potty!")

Plops - No. 2

Wake-ups - Hiccups

Thumbs Out! - Thumbs up

Downstairs - Upstairs

Door Open - Close the door

Sorry, Mommy! - You need to say sorry, mommy.

Moddy! - When she wants our attention and doesn't care which one of us pays it.

Heckalopter - Helicopter

I'm so SITED! - I'm so excited!

Here are some new phrases that make us smile:

Daddy works on buildings with his watch. (In my opinion, that's a pretty spot on observation.)

I asked, "Did you make waters, Maizie?" She answered, "For real, Mommy."

I closed my eyes a long, long time. (She says this after preschool when she has NOT been sleeping.)

I shared my toys. (She says this after preschool or playdates when she has NOT been sharing.)

I'm playing with my cousins! (She's started imaginatory playing with her stuffed animals and bath toys and calls them her cousins.)

Ok, now let's all focus. (She got this from her cousin, Megan)

No Ma'am, Anderson. You no eat that blanket! Time out! 2 minutes!


Uncle Alan said...

Anderson is screwed.

Pryncss Briana said...

What a hoot! She reminds me so much of Bella ... I don't know if that should reassure you, or scare you! :)

Bri and Nol said...

That is adorable. I think my favorite is "plops". I'm going to remember that one. Something tells me Brian will teach Luc much cruder words for that.

Mark said...

I'm so SITED to hear the latest from my little girl. For real! Maybe soon you'll let me take her down (up) in my heckalopter (airplane).

Kim P. said...

I love the "Jesus shirt" is a dress. I can totally see where she gets that. She's hilarious!

Amanda said...

Do you think I can have her? She is so funny. I will give her back when she turns 10.

This was great...Please keep the funny quotes coming!

Jeff Slater said...

Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

myra said...

That's a great post! Tell Maizie Morgandy is "so sited" to see her in just a month!