Sunday, April 5, 2009

Four Months

Anderson turns 4 months today. This month has marked his first plane trip (to witness my sweet Aunt Anne get married in Charlotte, NC), his first time to meet Uncle Al and Uncle Dale and Aunt Stephanie, and his first time to roll over. Maizie shows a lot of sweetness toward her brother (and a tiny bit of bossiness). She always knows where his pacis and blankets are and wants him to have them at all times. And she loves to hold his hand when we're in the car and sing to him when he cries. So proud of our two little humans! 

Here he is in his tux onesie and jeans at the wedding.
Big Ballooning Baby Belly
"My evil scheme will come together in....oh, let me check my pocketwatch....2 hours."

The sweetest sight a new mom of two can see.


Kim P. said...

Love the scheming picture. Too cute! Perfect little pose for that outfit =)

Mark said...

What a cute, adorable baby boy! Thanks for posting the pictures.