Saturday, January 31, 2009

Picture Update

I think you could entitle this picture, "Why I love Jason"

Love this shot of my two in grey.

I came home from a quick errand to find Anderson in a bumbo having a good time. Made me sad that he's already old enough for one of these already. My babay! My babay!
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Mark said...

I'm assuming that Jason rode the horsie because that brought the per person cost down to 25¢. But I'm puzzled. There appears to be an empty horse in the picture. Where are you, missy? The cost could've been 16.67¢ per person. Wasteful! Wasteful!


P.S. Did Jason make Maizie come up with her own quarter to ride?

myra said...

I love Anderson's outfit!!

Caren said...

some super cool girl sent it from Canada! she's the best!

Scott, Sara, and Sydney Nickson said...

He's so handsome (Anderson, well, Jason, too). I remember when SYdney was big enough for her Bumbo-a quick realization that they are growing up too quick! :)