Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recent Discoveries

1. Flight of the Conchords. 
If you like random, dry, New Zealand-type humor, and horrible (but hilarious) train-of-thought songwriting then this is the show for you. My favorite song so far is the Robot Rap. Especially when they decide to go "binary" on the humans. 00001111. 0000011111.

2. Austin's Magic 95.5
In the two years since we've moved to Austin, our car radio has been tuned to AM 590, (Jason's obnoxious talk station), NPR (my obnoxious talk station), or 94.7 (this obnoxious pop station). After hearing the "umbrella" song and the "wee-ooo" song 3 times in one hour, I hit the tuner and it landed on 95.5. The first three songs were Marvin Gaye, Edie Brickel and Chicago. GLORIOUS!

3. My Disease has a Name!
Koumpounophobia. The fear of buttons. Apparantly it is "very common" and I am no longer ashamed. Though it doesn't qualify as a full-blown phobia, I've never been a fan of buttons. When you asked me why when I was little, I'd say they taste funny. And they do. And they smell. To my credit, I've gotten over it when it comes to my kids. They wear buttons all the time. I'll just warn them not to taste them...

4. Potty Power! DVD
So horribly made, it's HILARIOUS. It features a woman whose voice sounds like Glenda the Good Witch, a bunch of 6 year olds using toddler potties with 80s green-screen graphics behind them, and ALSO an animated roll of toilet paper! Potty POWER!



Amanda said...

My favorite FOTC music video is "The most beautiful girl (in the room)"

Irma and Koby said...

You are HILARIOUS and for that, I love you!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love 95.5. They play nonstop Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas so check it out in 10 months!

Bri and Nol said...

We watch Flight of the Concords to. Have you heard "Business Socks"?

Beeeg Broder said...

My favorite?