Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing Together, Future Therapy Topic, First Night, and Finished Room!

In other words, this is a miscellaneous post...
Most people are curious about how Maizie is adjusting to the new addition. Overall, she's doing great! She is very serious about taking care of her baby brother. This week, I got out the floor gym for Anderson since he's having more awake time. Maizie immediately staked her claim on it, saying, "I'm the baby!" But she was quick to share with Anderson and then decided to add even more babies to the mix. So, here's the first official shot of my children playing together. Can't wait to see more of it as they grow up together.
Last week, I had just finished feeding Anderson and Maizie asked to hold him. I forget that she is in the mimic stage. And I wonder how they're both going to feel about this picture when I show it to their college sweethearts.
We decided to venture out on New Year's Eve for First Night, Austin's funky New Year's celebration. There are art exhibits all day long and then they burn a wooden clocktower, play a bunch of music and shoot fireworks at midnight. We only stayed until 9, but then we couldn't find our bus and wandered downtown Austin (with Jason carrying Maizie and Anderson because my stitches were hurting) for an hour looking for our busstop. We felt like Mary and Joseph looking for a room at the inn. Other than that, it was a lot of fun and Maizie is still talking about how she rode in a bus and Daddy told her that she had to sit. Here is Amanda holding the little man at his first Austin outing.
And here is a shot (finally) of Anderson's Room. Pretty simple, but I think he likes it. And you've got to love his collection of tiny shoes on the dresser.
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