Monday, July 9, 2007

Cousins and County Line

Jason's sister, Emily, her husband, Daniel, and their babies, Megan (2) and Brooke (9 mos.) came to stay with us Friday night on their way back to Houston from Colorado. We went to County Line BBQ Friday night just in time to feed the tons of turtles hanging out at the dock. Saturday we hung out at the house and went to the outlet mall in Round Rock. It was a good, unexpected treat for Maizie to hang out with her closest cousins. Speaking of which, Megan and her are off to a rocky start. Maizie pulls up on anything right now, and that included Megan. She didn't take kindly to being used as a step stool and started shouting out, "Jason, can you get her away from me?"

On the dock of the bay, er, river. Really high water-level river.

It was the first time I felt Brooke and Maizie actually got to play together. Sharing: Brooke-1, Maizie-0.

We had a couple of offers, but we turned 'em down.


myra said...

So fun! Glad you had a good time together!

Today I am a princess! said...

Looks like a good time, still haven't had a good offer on either of our kids. All lookers, but no buyers ...