Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm a bigger baby than my baby

So, Maizie had her 9 month dr. visit today with a shot for polio (which we are so thankful for since Jason lost an uncle to the disease). I was dreading it because I hate how she doesn't know what's about to hit her and when it does she looks at me as though I've just sold her to the Jews for 30 pieces of silver. Well, I was armed and ready with a bottle of juice, toys, a paci and, if necessary, cheerios. The shot went in and she didn't make a peep. It was glorious, yet a little pathetic when you consider that I've cried at 3 of my last 4 dentist appointments and I can't get blood drawn without throwing up. I guess she gets her "tough" genes from her daddy.

Here are her 9-month stats: 19 lbs., 27 inches and a big head (75th percentile).


Pryncss Briana said...

I have never had an issue with needles, I even donated plasma in my early college years. Those needles were HUGE. I do come from a family of needle-phobes though, so I understand your issues. :)

Mark said...

I would tell Maizie that she's the cutest, bravest little girl in the wide world, but I don't want her to get the big head.