Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tagged by Kim P.

First memory - Being promoted to "Cookie Monster" level at Mother's Day Out (4 years old) and feeling so proud and excited. I think I thought they gave you a lot of cookies.
First real kiss - Josh somebody on a youth group trip to Canada. I kept saying "I've never done this before" while we were kissing. So embarassing.
First love - Paul Hatton in Kindergarten. He wrote my name on his desk and I got in trouble for it. And that is where the love died.
First concert - Probably Acapella at a Michigan Youth Conference.
First thing you think in the morning - NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
First pet - Moonlight, the stray cat that roamed our neighborhood for a week. I LOVED her.
First book you remember loving - The Monster at the End of this Book, and anything by Roald Dahl.
First question you'll ask in heaven - Thank you?
First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation - Water
First best friend - Jodi at church; Shelley at school.
Last time you dressed up - I hardly ever dress up. I guess my baby shower last September.
Last thing you ate - Half a Chicken Pho. That's the official sick food around here.
Last CD you bought - Huey Lewis and the News
Last good book you read - Scream-free Parenting.
Last time you cried - This morning. I was sad that I was sick while our friends were here.
Last time you told someone you loved them - A few hours ago when I put Maizie to bed.
Last really funny thing you did - There's just so many of them, it's hard to single one out.
Last thing you watched on TV - We were just watching the 2007 Hot Dog Eating contest...excellent entertainment when you're sick.

Hmmm...I tag Irma and Angela.

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Robinson Family said...

Haha...nice try, Caren. Irma tagged me last week :)

BTW, aren't those Hot Dog eating contests kinda like train wrecks--you just can't look away, but then you wind up wishing you hadn't watched. There is just something truly unappealing about dipping your dog in water!