Thursday, July 12, 2007

Routine Maintenance


For the past 8.5 months, I have been attempting to get you on some sort of routine schedule. The books say it's good for you, good for me, good all around. Let this serve as my GIANT WHITE FLAG.

I surrender, to you, oh routine-allergic child. You will sometimes wake up at 6 and sometimes sleep until 10. I will do the same. You will sleep 12 hours one night and in 3 hour spurts the next. I will do the same. When you take 4 hour naps, I will no longer wake you to eat. I will no longer post a note entitled "Maizie's Schedule" on our refrigerator with a David Hasselhoff magnet. There are better things that magnet can be used for.

So there you have it. You won on this one, but just because I am choosing my battles. So, no you can't hit your friends over the head with your lego house, 4-year-old Maizie. And you may not borrow my car to go bowling with some slimy boy we've only met once, 16-year-old Maizie. And no, you can't get a pair of $300 jeans to wear on the first day of school, 14-year-old Maizie. Your father did just fine in his Z. Baldacini's.

That's all for now,



Irma and Koby said...

If only I had just 1/2 of your wit!!! This is hilarious!
Miss you guys...

Today I am a princess! said...

good for you! You stick with what makes you and your family happy and healthy and to heck with the "experts".

Mark said...

"There are better things that magnet can be used for."

OK, I'm kinda scared now.


Robinson Family said...

You are so stinkin' funny! Thanks for the grins!

Mark said...

I know you're only supposed to comment once per article, but since you brought up the topic of "flexible parenting," I felt I had to call the attention of your readers to this new trend.