Thursday, July 19, 2007

In the Austin State of Mind

It's a big day in the George household. Besides being Maizie's 9-month birthday, it also marks 6 months since we moved to Austin. This is important because when I began freaking out last year about moving to a new place with a new baby where we would both be taking on new jobs and meeting all new people, Jason and I both agreed to the 6-month test. We would try our best to make it here and reevaluate things in 6 months to determine whether this was the place for us. I have a hard time making decisions, so this gave me a mental "out".

Well, I am happy to report that Austin passed the 6-month test! I'll be honest--at month 3 things were looking a little if-y, but I think it was just the combination of job-baby-house-entire-life-change all at once. Anyway, we love this place and the people we've met so far. Here are some of my favorite things about Austin so far:

  • The People (The Westover YM group, our care group, and random hippies)

  • Winter (or lack there of)

  • The Mueller Redevelopment (what a Godsend!)

  • The Parks (Zilker, Pease, the random field across from our house)

  • Being closer to our 10 nieces and nephews

  • Lakes and Rivers

  • Trees and Hills

  • EZ's Diner and Alamo Drafthouse

  • Jason's job

  • Helping to Keep Austin Weird

Thanks to everyone who has helped us feel at home and for our family and friends who have supported us from afar (even though some would prefer that we were closer).


Mark said...

Of course, you have our full and complete blessing to live anywhere you choose, but just so we don't get too irrationally exuberant about Austin, let's remind ourselves of some of the negatives:
- Hotter than blazes
- No world-class major-league baseball team anywhere in the whole danged state.
- Shoot, for that matter, no world-class hockey team, either.
- Hotter than blazes
- Perfectly good airport razed...and to make way for what?
- No Shong Hey
- Outrageously distant from half of Maizie's grandparents
- No world-class basketball team (well, unless you count the one in San Antonio)
- No sledding, skiing or snowmobiling
- No Wolverines
- That little wide spot in the stream you call a lake? How does it stack up against Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Superior?
- And the topper: it's hotter than blazes

Your loving Dad in Michigan

Myra said...

Yay! We're so glad you're here and liking it. I am confident that soon you'll join the rest of us in saying that you "Really like it", no you "L-O-V-E it"!