Monday, July 30, 2007


It's been a busy July here at the George house. Here's a look at some of the latest:

She wasn't cooperating going feet-first, so I tried rear-first. Seemed to work. She was entertained for hours, er, 10 minutes.

Maizie holding hands with Maizie. I love the way she looks at herself in the mirror and wish it would rub off on me!

Rub-a-dub-dub, three little girls in a tub. Emily and Daniel came back for a longer weekend and we had a blast.

Maizie's first baseball game. Thanks, Wendi and Wade! No worries, there was a net there. We all know I couldn't catch a baseball to save my (or my baby's) life.

She kept pulling it off when we faced it forward. I guess Maizie's just gonna be a backwards-cap kinda girl, whatever that means.

Reading "Maisy goes to bed" with Grandmama and Grandpa (or PawPaw). Yes, after 11 grandkids, their grandparent names still aren't final.

Another highlight of the past couple of weeks was a trip I organized to the free day at the Blanton Art Museum at UT. It's an amazing gallery for a town this size and has a pretty good collection of modern art (my favorite). The Young Married girls kidnapped Maizie early on so it was really nice to just walk through stroller-free. Anyway, I guess I should have handed out a pamphlet entitled "Look but don't touch" to one of my friends. The art cops almost locked her up in art jail. Here's the story from the art-toucher herself.

Plans for this week? I'm cleaning out the closet and getting organized. Living in a small space makes me want to throw everything out! This weekend, we're headed to College Station for Irma's baby shower and a spa day on Saturday. Jason surprised me with it last night as my anniversary/birthday gift. He's been stashing away cash for weeks. I'm so excited to have a girl's day I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself! One of my favorite parts of the gift is that Jason and Koby are going to spend the day with Maizie. She'll have a blast.

That's about it on the George front. Can you tell I've had a "catching up" sort of day?


Robinson Family said...

Ha! I can totally relate to the thought of wishing I could look at my own reflection with as much admiration and wonder as Norah does her own. So true!

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend at the shower...and meeting Maizie in person! Have fun on your spa-day excursion. (Way to go, guys!)

Irma and Koby said...

Yaaayyy!!! I'm really excited too! My parents will be in town this weekend and they both absolutely love babies so Maizie is going to get extra spoiled! :) Of course, not as spoiled as WE will at the spa! ;)
See you soon!

Wendi said...

Shucks. I wish the art cops would have locked me up in jail just to say I have been there. jk. You're post was great and I just can't get enough of Maizie (or you..of course!) ha! See you tomorrow :)